Dates & Times

Starts: October 2, 2020
Ends: November 13, 2020
Played: Every Friday
Between 7:00PM - 10:00PM


Ambuc Park
7230 Sallie Mood Dr,
Savannah, GA 31406

Registration Options

To sign up, choose an option below:

I need a team

$60.00 per person

I have a team

UNAVAILABLE No Team Registrations Accepted
Registration Closes on September 26, 2020

Program Details

If you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you please stay home. We're also asking all players and staff to please review the CDC website about how to limit the spread and exposure of COVID-19. To see what measures we are taking, click here to read about our general safety plan. 

Games are 10v10 co-ed on the field with no more than 6 males on the field at one time. Each night will be double headers until playoffs. Membership includes a team t-shirt. 

Every player will sign up as a free agent and be placed together in a pool. After registration expires, a committee** will go through each player and assign them to a random team. Teams will be be designed and modified for fairness. The goal of this type of league is to meet new people and play with players you wouldn't normally play with. By dividing players based on skill, we are able to keep teams competitively equal which makes for fun and exciting kickball. If you'd like to be placed on a team with your significant other, please text Waldo (912) 200-7902.

**Normally we throw a draft party, but due to the restrictions of social gatherings, we will attempting this virtually instead. 

7230 Sallie Mood Dr, Savannah, GA 31406

Payment for registration is due on the first week of games. You can bring cash or Venmo to your first game to avoid late fees. After the first game, a $10 late fee will be added to your registration fee. IF YOU DON'T PAY YOUR FEES BY THE SECOND GAME, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

Under new ownership, we are enacting strict sportsmanship rules. We've already had a few incidents where we've had to issue suspensions. We are all here to have fun, so please be respectful to your teammates, opponents and especially your referees. Our referees are trained on the rules and their say is final. If you'd like to dispute any calls, only the team's captain can do so and it must be done in a respectful manner. If any issues arise, please let Waldo know by texting 912-200-7902.

If your team is short and you need a sub, please post in our Kickball Facebook group to try and recruit a sub. Guest players may be subject to a $20 fee to play if they play during the playoffs or if they play more than one game during the season.

It is the captain's responsibility to make sure that their team has enough players to play. If your team does not have enough, please alert SARC Staff at least 4 hours before scheduled game time. If your team does not show up without notice, you may be subject to removal from the league. In the event of poor weather, we will send out an email and Facebook post to alert you of any cancellations.

A full copy of our rules can be found on our website at

Here are some important things worth noting:

  • Dodgeball Rule: Any runner who catches the ball being thrown at them will be deemed SAFE and allowed to go to next base. (except when running to first base)
  • Tagging and Pegging with the kickball are allowed (no head shots)
  • 3 fouls equal an OUT, 3 good pitches is a strike out, a swing and a miss is a strike.
  • 4 Females, 6 Males on the field (Females can compensate for males, but not vice versa)
  • When a female is kicking, outfielders must remain behind the co-ed line.
  • Minimum of 2 females in the INFIELD.
  • Minimum of 4 innings and Max of 7 innings or 60 minutes.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine home and away during regular season.
  • To be considered a team player and to be eligible for playoffs you must play at least 3 games during the regular season.
  • Please be courteous to other players, referees and managers. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any poor sportsmanlike behaviors.

As always if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Waldo (912) 200-7902. I look forward to a fun, friendly and competitive season.

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