SARC Migrates to a New Web Platform

Effective December 1, 2022, we have officially migrated our backend system to a new custom system that will hopefully make the user experience a much better and tailored experience. This page will act as a guide to help you with the transition:

Accesing Your New Account

We've been able to migrate most of the data from our previous platform into the new system. Due to security reasons, we don't actually have records of anyones passwords. So, instead in order to access your account on the new website, you'll need to use the Forgot Password tool which will properly allow you to create a password for your account. 

Click here to set your password

Accessing Your Old Account

Since we still have some active winter leagues, the migration of the new website might cause some confusion. Maybe you need to access some old information. We plan to keep the old system active for as long as you can. If you need to access your old account, you can still do so here:

Click here to login to the old system