Savannah Adult Recreation Club Presents

Grass Volleyball Tournament

A Grass Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament
With $600 in Cash Prizes

Saturday March 26, 2022 @ 10:00am

Forsyth Park
Westside near the intersection of Gwinett & Whitaker


UNAVAILABLE No Free Agent Spots Available


$50.00 Per Player
To reserve your spot, please sign up before Saturday March 19, 2022

Tournament Information

We are only accepting the first 15 teams that sign up and pay. Captains are expected to show up at 9:30am the day of the tournament to go over the rules and to assign referees for each court. Failure to show up on time may result in disqualification. The format will consist of pool play that will decide seeding for a single elimination bracket tournament. First place will win $400, second place will win $200.

Tournament Rules

This is a competitive tournament. We will not be following traditional SARC league rules. Instead we will be using the following rules to run this tournament.

General and Scoring 

  • Teams consist of 3 players (no substitutions)
  • Each team must have at least one female player
  • Points can only be scored by the team that has the serve
  • Pool play games are played straight up to 12
  • Tournament will consist of a best of 3 (12, 12, 9) 
  • Tournament games will be capped at 15 and no cap on 3rd game if necessary
  • Nets will be set at the highest setting.
  • Games will be played on a large court (18m X 9m)

Game Play

  • All serves are legal
  • Servers rotate, but players on the court do not have to rotate positions 
  • If the serve hits the net the serve is awarded to the opposing team
  • First contact cannot be made with open hands unless the ball is hard driven.  
  • There are a total of 3 hits allowed (blocks count as a hit)
  • The ball shall not be sent over the net with an open hand set that is not “square” (a trajectory that is perpendicular to the shoulders of the player)
  • Attacks that are not spikes can only be performed with a poke, knuckles or close fist (no open hand tipping)  
  • Any player can attack the ball from any position
  • Players may not attack the ball from across the net
  • Players may cross under the net as long as their body does not interfere with the play of the other team.
  • Lifting, Carrying and double contact are also not permitted  


  • Teams that are not playing will provide a referee for each of the two games being played in pool play. This will also be the method for calling tournament games.  
  • Semi-finals and championship games will be called by a SARC staff member.  
  • Arguing calls will result in a verbal warning. After multiple warnings the referee can eject unruly players from that game.  
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct WILL result in disqualification from the tournament.  

Any additional rules not mentioned here, will follow the AVP Grass Rulebook, found here.

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